What is my involvement in the process?

We work very closely with your to establish what is and isn’t working on your website or ecommerce store. We’ll send you monthly reports, and guide you through the analysis so you can closely scrutinise the statistics. We’re always on hand to make tweaks and amends to your campaign if you need it.

What do I need to do for you to start tracking my website?

All you need to do is give us your website details and logins so that we are able to insert the tracking code into the pages of your website. After this, we are able to track your website and give you monthly reports on how it is performing with helpful suggestions on improvements.

What is the end result?

The result can be a monthly report on how your website is performing in terms of bounce rate, engagement and performance. With the extraction of data and analysing this carefully, we are able to set monthly goals on how to increase the performance and what to work toward.

How will you be able to analyse the audience?

Through analytics and other Google sponsored platforms, we are able to analyse how your user uses your website, down to their demographics and what they searched to come onto your website and the position you ranked for that search. Through this, you can get an idea of your audience and create a perfect user journey of engaging content around this.

How do I know what a conversion would count as?

With help from us, we can help you identify this. Conversions can be anything from a download, an enquiry form to a purchase or button click. We can even track when someone stays on your website for over a certain length of time, how far they scroll on a page or how many pages they visit. It is whatever you value your users doing.

How will you track my conversions?

We will work with you to identify what you see as conversions or the lead up to conversions and insert tracking on these areas of your website so we can see the user journey leading up to this. This will help with clear analysis and help point out areas that work well and may not work. From this, we will then asses the page that the conversion is on to suggest edits and how to increase your conversion rate.

What will split testing involve?

Split testing which is also known as A/B testing is the process of conducting controlled experiments around chosen goals on the website such as enquiry form completions, downloads, clicks and purchases. Testing can involve changing visual elements, the layout of a page, text, page elements and more. The testing of these over a period of time will help define which aspects lead to conversions more effectively. The test can even be down to the colour change of a button. The results of this will help further refine a conversion focused user journey.

How can analytics increase my ROI?

With data analysis and tracking, you can refine your strategy, marketing funnel and user journey. With setting monthly goals you should start to see the effects and how slight tweaks to the website, content or user journey can improve the conversion rate leading to a higher ROI. The digital world is continually changing so this means strategies and the consumers actions towards conversions do too, it’s always great to keep well optimised and in charge of these aspects.