What is my involvement in the design process?

Every client is unique. You may want your assigned art director to have creative freedom over your new brand and develop ideas that you may not have considered, or you may prefer a collaborative approach. Whatever you choose, we’ll take an initial brief from you to gauge what involvement is required to deliver your project, and we’ll ask for your feedback throughout the design process to ensure we’re meeting your expectations.

What's the process for brand development?

You’ll be invited to meet your account manager, who will take a detailed brief from you.

Your art director will then carry out detailed research to understand your target market, get to grips with your product and/or services, evaluate your competitors and market leaders, and understand where you fit in the market. They will also look at trends, colours, styles and fonts.

They’ll use this research to develop a brand vision board and initial design concepts for your brand. We’ll then develop and present a range of options to you. If you have a preferred option, your art director will develop it further using your feedback. They’ll look at alternative colours, fonts and improvements to ensure that we meet your brief perfectly.

Your final brand assets will be saved in all the formats that you’ll need.

What if I don't like the initial designs?

We’ll develop the design further until you’re happy with your new brand. To ensure we meet your brief perfectly, we involve you throughout the process. We’re proud of our client relationships, and their delight in our work. Here’s what the Body Shop Foundation had to say about our working process:

“Working with Tann Westlake is an utter shot of creative fresh air. From discussions around your brief, the genius interpretation and work behind the project, the remarkable customer service given and finally the delivery of an incredible end product, it’s been an utter joy.”

What do you offer that other agencies don't?

We’re an award-winning, design-led agency. Our in-house design team is dedicated to producing beautiful design and hitting briefs – perfectly. We don’t just produce good logos. Working from your brief, we consider the whole brand, tone of voice, messaging and positioning within the market to create a brand that you can be proud to own.

Do you outsource your design work?

No, all our design is created in-house by our own team. We’d never risk the quality of our work being compromised by outsourcing to third parties.

Can you produce a style guide or brand guideline document for other designers to follow?

Yes, we give you full control of your brand and messaging by issuing clear guidelines for anyone involved with your brand to adhere to. They can include colours, grids, fonts, tone of voice, use of images and graphic styling, use of icons, social media strategy and more. This document is is a vital tool to protect your brand identity and is tailored to you.

How do I check up on the progress of my work?

You’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager to oversee your project from start to finish. You can contact them at any time during business hours for a progress update. You’ll also be invited in for an initial consultation and a brand presentation later on during the process, to assess progress and ensure we’re on track with the right tone, style and positioning.

What type of files will I be given?

You will be sent an email with a Zip file which includes all the formats that you will need. This includes EPS (an Illustrator file, often used for print, that is scalable to any size) and JPEG.

Will I be provided with colour references?

Yes, all brand packages come with brand guidelines which include Pantone references, reverse colour options and greyscale.

Will my logo be unique, and who will own the copyright?

Yes, your logo will be unique to you. When you approve your quote, you sign an agreement which sets out the ownership of the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the work we create. Effectively you will take ownership from us of the IP rights.