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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do you charge for web design?
Our websites vary in price depending on the demands of your website, functionality required, copywriting needs, images and artwork required and complexity of the project. Get in touch for further information.
How long will my website design take?
Typically our website projects take from 6 to 8 weeks to complete. It depends on the functionality and detail of design required, and whether you supply the content or you need us to create it for you. When we have a detailed specification from you we can provide you more accurate time scales.
Talk me through your website design process.
Initially, you are invited in to meet your account manager where they will take a detailed brief from you. We will need things like your brand guidelines (if you have them), functionality requirements, design likes/dislikes, your products/services, competitor websites, your target market and technical information such as hosting details. Using your brief to guide them, your designated web developer will carry out detailed research. It’s essential for them to understand your target market, get to grips with your product and/or services and understand where you fit in the market. They will also look at things like trends, colours, styles, fonts and typography. This research is used to develop initial design concepts. A wire frame is developed which will set out the structure and functionality of your website. You will be invited to view this by your account manager. Based on your response we make improvements to ensure that we hit the brief perfectly. Then your developer will proceed with the design visuals and again you will be invited to review these and we will refine them further. Once you are happy with the design and functionality of your website we begin to code it. On completion we test it across all devices to ensure it is performing as it should be.
Do you handle all website development work in-house?
Yes. We have a dedicated team of in-house professional website developers who have years of experience developing sites for a variety of industries and on a range of content management systems (CMS). We never outsource our projects to Asia or Eastern Europe.
What are clients typically required to supply?
We will take a detailed brief from you which will require information such as your brand guidelines (if you have them), functionality requirements, design likes/dislikes, your products/services, competitor websites, your target market and technical information such as hosting details. If you are supplying your own images and copy we will need that too.
Do you create wireframes before designing websites?
Wireframes detail the functionality of your website and ensure we have a grip and focus on the customer journey and achieving your objectives. We do not always create them, it depends on the size and budget of the project.
Do you create easy-to-use websites?
Yes. All of our websites are built using the WordPress content management system (CMS) unless otherwise specified or for larger ecommerce websites when we will use Magento. WordPress is renowned for its simple to use dashboard, which makes updates to website content very easy.
Do you carry out market research before creating web designs?
Yes. It is essential that we understand your industry, target market, competitors and trends within the market. This allows us to develop a website that puts you on the map and in addition prepares you for the future.
Do you analyse my current traffic before making design decisions?
Yes. If you have Google Analytics configured it is extremely useful to look at what is currently working on your website and what is not. This data can help to guide the functionality and layout of your new website, but this can always be applied when your new site goes live, so we can alter the site after it has been tested in the ‘real world’.
How is your design going to help me with my business goals?
Good design is good business. A quote we use quite often here at Tann Westlake. Your website is your shop window to the world. A website with beautiful design, seamless functionality and the right offering will stand you in the best stead to achieve your business objectives.
What is included in your website packages?
Our packages are complex and are unique to each customer. Please contact us for further information.
What are your payment terms?
We require a deposit 50%, then an additional 30% once we have an approved BETA version of your website on a staging server. A final 20% is required when your website is live, or within 4 weeks of making the BETA version live, whichever is sooner.
Can I edit the website myself? If not what do you charge for updates and changes?
Yes. You will be given a login to your website when it is finished, we will also give you training on how to use the dashboard so it is easy to understand for you. If you’d like us to make future changes these are billed at our hourly rate in 15 minute increments.
Do you provide any website guarantee or warranty?
Yes. We provide 30 days code base support which includes bug fixes and technical support. After this period we offer a comprehensive website maintenance plan which will include regular website updates and back-ups. These updates protect your website from potential threats that may compromise your website. If your website should be compromised you would never lose more than 30 days data.
Do you provide domain name & web hosting in your packages? If so what is the annual renewal cost for the domain name and web hosting space?
Yes we can. Hosting starts at £150 per year for the basic package. If you require more robust hosting which is quicker, we can host your website on our dedicated server at £260 per year. And if you require your own dedicated server for superfast speed we can accommodate this too. Contact us for more details.
Do we have to host the website with you?
No it isn’t necessary for us to host your website, it is completely up to you. However, there are a number of benefits of hosting with us. 1) We can advise you on the right solution for your website’s needs 2) The ability for us to support you moving forward & quickly resolve hosting issues 3) You can use our dedicated server for a fraction of the cost of having your own
How long has Tann Westlake been building websites?
We have been established for 13 years; developing profitable, easy to use websites that deliver in terms of functionality and user experience since the internet began.
What kind of businesses do you work with?
All sorts of businesses, irrespective of your industry our website development team are fully equipped to design and develop you the best website to achieve your objectives.
Who will I work with during the project?
Your main point of contact will be an account manager who will be responsible for briefing our project managers and design and development team. They will ensure that your website project remains on track and will liaise with you throughout the whole process from start to finish.
What platform do you build your websites on?
Currently our most popular content management system (CMS) is WordPress. Used by 18.9% of the world’s websites (source: wordpress.com), WordPress is the preferred choice by many people worldwide. It has a simple and easy to use dashboard and packs a punch in terms of the range of functionality and plugins available. We also develop large ecommerce stores in Magento and if required we can develop bespoke websites in Drupal and Expression Engine.
Can you help me write content for my website?
Yes we can. We have dedicated copywriters who specialise in writing for the web. Good website copy can be the difference between success and failure of your website with only 20% of people reading past the first headline (copyblogger.com). Our copywriters know specific tactics to get your message across in the best way possible and increase your conversions.
Can you help me source photos for my website?
Yes, good imagery is an important part of your website and will help to position your brand in the market and portray your offering in the best possible way. We can provide a quote for professional photography or alternatively source quality stock images. Contact us for more details.
Do I own my website?
Yes. Once the final payment has been made and you have signed a contract transferring the IP rights (intellectual property) of the code and design the website is yours to own.
How is my website backed up?
If you have taken out our monthly website maintenance plan each month we download all the website’s files and a copy of the database and store it on our secure server. You can be assured that you will never lose more than 30 days data. Contact us for further information.
Can you build my website to be mobile friendly?
Yes. Google now penalises non mobile friendly websites in search, as a result we only create mobile friendly websites for our clients.
Do you have a dedicated project manager that will be managing this project?
Not always, it depends on the size of the project and budget. Your main point of contact will be a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for briefing both our project managers and design and development team. They will ensure that your website is on track and liaise with you throughout the whole process from start to finish.