Over the last 10 years, our award-winning creative team has rebranded hundreds of products and businesses for clients, including The Body Shop Foundation and Namco Funscape London.

So whether you need to build a complete identity from scratch or simply refresh your existing logo, we’ll identify the essence of your brand and bring it to life. And we’ll carry that essence through in all your marketing collateral, ensuring your brand positions you right where you need to be for maximum impact.

How we can help?

How we work

01 Brief

We start by taking a detailed brief from you. We use this to guide our creative team in brainstorming ideas and developing a brand vision board. This will ensure that we’re on the right track in bringing your ideas and brand to life.

02 Design

Once you have approved the brand vision board, our creative team use it to visualise some initial concepts and designs ready to present to you. You’ll be invited in to view a presentation and give your feedback.

03 Development

We then either finalise your new brand or develop ideas further and present final versions to you for approval. Many of our clients find it easier to make a decision on their new brand by seeing it visualised on popular merchandise and workwear. So we include this service as part of our corporate branding package.

04 Launch

Once you’ve chosen the final brand concept, we make sure you have everything you need to roll it out across all touchpoints of your business.

Top Brand & Design FAQs

What is my involvement in the design process?

Every client is unique. You may want your assigned art director to have creative freedom over your new brand and develop ideas that you may not have considered, or you may prefer a collaborative approach. Whatever you choose, we’ll take an initial brief from you to gauge what involvement is required to deliver your project, and we’ll ask for your feedback throughout the design process to ensure we’re meeting your expectations.

Talk me through the process for brand development.

Initially, you are invited in to meet your Account Manager where they will take a detailed brief from you.

Using your brief to guide them, your designated Art Director will carry out detailed research. It’s essential for them to understand your target market, get to grips with your product and/or services, evaluate your competitors and market leaders and understand where you fit in the market. They will also look at trends, colours, styles and fonts.

This research is used to develop a brand vision board and initial design concepts for your brand. Three options will be developed and presented to you. If there is a preferred option, the Art Director uses your feedback to develop your brand further, considering alternative colours, fonts and improvements to ensure that we meet your brief perfectly.

The final brand assets are saved in all the formats that you will need.

What if I don't like the initial designs?

We will develop them further until you are happy with your new brand. We involve you throughout the process to ensure we hit your brief, perfectly. This is just one of the positive comments we have received from clients which may help to reassure you that we will hit your brief. “Working with Tann Westlake is an utter shot of creative fresh air. From discussions around your brief, the genius interpretation and work behind the project, the remarkable customer service given and finally the delivery of an incredible end product, it’s been an utter joy.” The Body Shop Foundation.

What do you offer that others don't?

We’re an award winning, design led agency. Our in-house design team is dedicated to producing beautiful design and hitting briefs – perfectly. We don’t just produce good logos, with your brief we consider the whole brand, tone of voice, messaging and positioning within the market to provide you with a brand that you can be proud to own.

Do you outsource your design work?

No. Never. We would not risk the quality of our work being compromised by outsourcing to third parties.

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