Social Reflection

Established in 2012, A Little English Garden had not considered social media as a viable way of increasing businesses and developing meaningful relationships with its customers, until now!

Being new to the social media world, A Little English Garden required a complete refresh of its social media platforms, and that’s where Tann Westlake stepped in. Our in house digital marketing team was directed to manage all existing social media platforms, create exciting and engaging content, refresh the brand, interact with customers and the digital community, and create and optimise social media advertising campaigns.  The luxury candle company wanted its social media platforms to be cohesive, minimalistic, and better reflect its brand identity. 

ALEG image

Understanding the audience

To kickstart this social media refresh, we analysed the current content, along with engagement levels, to better understand what it is the target audience wants to see. It was clear from the team’s analysis that there must be a bigger focus on products, and a more sophisticated and luxurious approach was needed.

Increase in Instagram Reach

In 3 months we increased the client's reach on Instagram by 963%.

Views within 24 hours

We created an Instagram reel promoting the client's new packaging. This reached over 2,800 views in 24 hours.

Interaction rate increase

Within the first 2 months we increased the interaction on static posts by 166%.

New social media strategy

Our in-house digital marketing team worked together to produce and implement a new social media strategy. This included creative copywriting, static product photography, and combined with video creation, to showcase different products.

Alongside content creation, we also undertook a complete brand refresh for A Little English Garden. The comprised a new logo – one that better reflected the tone and identity of the brand – as well as new packaging and labels. 

With our team’s help, A Little English Garden evolved into a sophisticated brand, with social media channel which reflected this. The team increased followers, engagement, and impressions across all platforms. Furthermore, by introducing reels into the social media strategy, we reached an entirely new audience, building brand awareness. 

ALEG packaging image

166% increase in interaction

At the time of writing, Tann Westlake has increased interaction by 166%, created beautiful video content that has received thousands of views, and increased account reach by 936%.

Pinterest views

In the first month after launching Pinterest we accumulated 16,696 views.

Increase in post interaction

We increased post interaction by 82%.

Interactive accounts reached

With a targeted advertising campaign we reached over 11,000 interactive users.