Allsop & Francis have been Miele’s No.1 supplier of professional laundry equipment for 10 consecutive years. They had been running their own Google Ads paid search campaign in-house for some time but, with a busy workload and a need for better results, they asked us to help to manage their activity each month, and ensure it generated the maximum amount of leads and ROI.

Conversion Rate

In under a month we increased Allsop and Francis’s conversion rate by 76.9%.

Decreased spend

In just 30 days, we reduced the clients spend on Google Ads by over 40%

Average ad position

We increased the average Google ad position from 4 to 1.2 in just 60 days

We weeded out non-commercial terms

We started by evaluating their current campaign. We looked for any improvements we could make, and the positives and negatives of the existing campaign. We started by weeding out non-commercial terms to ensure they weren’t paying for irrelevant clicks. (For example, someone looking for a domestic appliance for their home.)

Google ad report for Allsop and Francis

We restructured their campaign to make Google happy

Google strives to deliver the best user experience it can, to ensure repeat usage. As a result, it rewards campaign relevancy with a lower CPC and better performance. We wanted Allsop & Francis to take advantage of these Google benefits, so we restructured their campaign to increase its relevance, which reduced their PPC and increased their average ad position in Google Search.

We designed a new website with market leading UI and UX

After restructuring Allsop & Francis’ campaign, we worked together to develop a new bespoke WordPress website that delivered a vastly improved UI and UX. Careful thought and research were given to the key pages needed to support a search campaign and deliver a positive user experience.


Our new calls to action quadrupled their conversions

The new website used clever calls to action, and was created in a way that users coming from the ads would be more likely to convert or see the call to action. We added Google Analytics and conversion tracking to measure the success of the website and link to the ads to measure their progress too. This led to an increase in website conversion rate from 1% to over 4%.

Reduced Google Ads spend, Increased CTR and some great design work! Tann Westlake have been impressive from day one with their professionalism, enthusiasm, attention to detail and creative flair.

Allsop & Francis

Keeping it up there

We manage Allsop & Francis’ Google Ads campaign on a monthly basis, and have since implemented a remarketing campaign to encourage repeat visits. Each month we supply customised reports that show where their budget is being spent and what is generating results. We regularly test ad copy, review keyword opportunities and ensure they always follow best practices – keeping them one step ahead of their competitors.