The Body Shop Foundation

Responsive website design for The Body Shop Foundation

The Body Shop Foundation is a charitable organisation that predominantly concentrates on providing support to animal and environmental protection and human rights.

The brief

The Body Shop Foundation wanted a website that represented the charity and their values, supported and reflected the causes that they stand for as a brand, and was different and unique to them.

They asked us to overhaul their existing site and create a new one that included ecommerce functionality for their merchandise and a more engaging donation page. All money raised goes to the Foundation, and the new site needed to clearly show the different causes that The Body Shop Foundation supports and what customers donations can go towards. 

The work

We worked closely with The Body Shop Foundation on the design, ensuring that we sourced an extensive and detailed brief so that we could get to know the company, their values and exactly what they wanted and needed.

We researched other sites to see how their donation and ecommerce pages worked, then we had an idea of what was functional and looked good. The biggest challenge we overcame was simplifying the huge amount of information that needed to be included, and conveying the different ways people can give to the foundation on the donate page.

The results

The Body Shop Foundation love the design and navigation of their new website. They are particularly happy with the donation page, and how engaging and easy to read it is.

The Head of Communications & Fundraising said:

“It’s really important when anyone ‘invests’ in a service to feel comfortable and confident in the creative services you are looking for help with. There are so many doubts that pass through your mind; will this company ‘get’ us, are these the right fees to pay, what if we don’t actually like the end result?

With Tann Westlake, the first thing you get is peace of mind – you’ve put your product in really safe hands. They make it their business to truly understand the organisation they are looking for but also give you an objective view on what you could become, not just what you are. And what’s great about the team is that they are professionals driven by their own and their companies exceptional high standards so don’t worry about what to expect – it will exceed ALL your expectations!

It’s thoughtful too. The levels of customer service start from the first meeting and layer up with whatever area of the business you work with. From creativity to development, account management to design and production, it becomes such a pleasurable journey that you forget it’s work! After all, once you’ve experienced this impeccable customer service and delivery, why would you waste your time going anywhere else? I seriously wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them – in fact, I already have”

Visit the website

One of our best decisions was linking up with Tann Westlake; our truly beautiful website is just the first of many projects that we look to work with them on.

The Body Shop Foundation