The Body Shop Foundation

Motion graphics and animation to demonstrate the amazing work done by the foundation

The Body Shop Foundation is a charitable organisation that mainly concentrates on providing support to animal and environmental protection and human rights.

The Body Shop Foundation asked us to turn an infographic we created for them into an animation. The original work was a large format print piece to cover a wall. They wanted to use the animation online and at events to clearly explain the process of how the foundation works – from buying the product, to helping people, animals and the environment. We used creative and fast paced animation techniques to make the video engaging and keep the viewers attention.

Blur’s 1999 release ‘Coffee and TV’ was the inspiration for the bottle character used in the animation; check it out the Blur video if you can’t remember, it’s pretty cool!

Working with Tann Westlake is an utter shot of creative fresh air. From discussions around your brief, the genius interpretation and work behind the project, the remarkable customer service given and finally the delivery of an incredible end product, it’s been an utter joy.

The Body Shop Foundation