A much-needed refresh

Since 1996 Crest Leather has crafted some of the world’s most innovative looks – combining centuries-old Italian craftsmanship practices with pioneering technology and style.

The Crest Leather website and social media were in need of some love to bring them up to date. They hadn’t used social media in over a year, and their website needed a complete refresh and new user journey. Our brief was to increase users and sales by building a new website and managing all social media platforms. 

Analysing the current position

We started by carefully reviewing and auditing their website and social platforms to give a basis to work from, and set targets. The website review and social report showed us that we needed to redefine the user journey through the platforms and bring consistency to all channels. 

This would involve a redesign of all social platforms and a brand new website. Our reports also enabled us to define a baseline to work from.

Increase in website traffic

Website traffic from social media channels increased by a massive 11,150%.

Increase in LinkedIn followers

Over a 12 month period, we increased the client's LinkedIn followers by 313%.

Increase in Instagram followers

We increased Crest Leather's followers on Instagram by 54% year-on-year.

Social optimisation

We started with the social redesign and optimisation straight away to give Crest Leather a good backlog of images and posts for people to see if they visited the social platforms from the website. 

We closed down any unneeded or extra accounts, and unfollowed any inactive accounts. Collaborating with our creative team, we created a six month plan, perfecting the tone of voice and also a new style of imagery.

Once our plan was approved by Crest Leather we started implementing it and creating consistency across all platforms.

Website design and development

Working closely with the Crest Leather team on the UI and UX, we made sure we fully understood the needs of the company, their values and their expectations from the website. 

Experience and extensive research gave us a clear idea of how to structure and visualise the free sample shop pages to increase orders and customers, while establishing a valuable and informative user experience. Once perfected and approved the website went into the development stages.

A 400% increase in accounts

The website launched with a good backlog of current social content and interaction. With both services complementing each other effectively, the website accumulated 258 orders in two months and the social platform followers increased by up to 122.7%. 

Crest Leather also said that they had an increase of 400% on daily accounts being set up within their system. The following statistics are just a selection of those that highlight the success of both the new website, our social media campaign and a Google Ads campaign targeted geographically in South Africa.

Percentage increase

Website traffic increased by 1,208% in the six months after the launch, compared to the six months before.

Samples ordered

In the first 12 months since launching the website, we achieved 11,150 individual sample orders online.

Percentage increase

Website traffic from organic search in Q1 and Q2 increased by 4,773% compared to the same period the year before.

“We are getting an increasing number of sample requests through the website; the majority of these are from accounts not on our database which is great. At this rate, we may have to employ someone part-time to fill-in new customer cards. We are clearly gaining traction here!”

Marketing Manager, Crest Leather