Onside Law realised that its current website was outdated and didn’t showcase the business as one of the leading players in its sector. Onside Law is highly respected and trusted by its clients and its website needed to demonstrate its company image: expertise, authority, client base and reputation. The firm wanted a modern and professional site where its expertise stood out so that when a rights holder, talent, brand sponsor, club, team, association or national governing body visited the site, they instantly knew why they should work with Onside Law.

As the firm’s main marketing platform, the website would reflect the start of a new chapter of growth and ambition. It also wished to be seen as a global player.

Onside Law


The main challenge for Onside Law was that, whilst it was already well established, it wanted to be seen as different. The breadth and depth of expertise across its team is key to its success, but the website needed to stand Onside Law apart from other specialist sports law firms and larger global law firms with a sports division. 

From a content perspective, Onside Law didn’t want any photographs of themselves or its office, so the challenge was to get across the company’s personality without that personalised imagery. Onside Law provided sports images from its clients, but the team had to ensure it didn’t come across as an agency, and that the Onside Law corporate identity remained front and centre.

Onside Law


Our team created a bespoke theme with clean typography to visualise the modern look Onside Law required. We used subtle animations to add the personality it wanted to portray, whilst keeping the professional, corporate look across the site. The site was designed to be content manageable so any changes were easily updated.

To ensure the firm was seen as international, we displayed the addresses of its locations in the footer. This also made the information easily accessible to prospective clients. As the stats below demonstrate, the new site proved successful across a wide range of measures.

Total users up 79.81%

During the 12 months after the launch of the website, versus the 12 months prior (up from 11,144 to 20,038).

152.53% increase in page views and sessions

92.70% respectively year-on-year after the launch as well.

11,036 website users

The organic search results show that in the 12 months after the launch of the website, there were 11,036 website users attributed to organic search compared to 7,586 in the year prior to the launch - an increase of 45.48%.