Scouts – Recycle Now

Community-focused microsite encouraging members to participate in The Scouts collaboration with Recycle Now

The Scouts help children and young adults reach their full potential by developing skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment.

The brief

The Scouts asked us to build a microsite to aid them in their collaboration with Recycle Now. The community-focused website needed to encourage Scouts, Beavers, Cubs and Explorers to recycle. It needed  a fun leaderboard feature for Scouts to see their recycling progress (the top Scout group wins a trip to a recycling plant) and fact and tips packs to help Scouts and their families with their task. The website also needed to have an easy-to-use, accessible portal for Scout leaders to access and add information about the items they have collected for recycling.

The work

Our development team worked closely with the Scouts PR agency Tangerine, Recycle Now and the Scouts marketing team to complete the project. Our key objective was to make the site easy to use (increasing the chances of adoption) while retaining the aesthetics and values of the Scouts and Recycle Now. We achieved this with an easy-to-navigate structure, and by presenting the information in a format that was engaging for the Scouts and the wider public to read.

The results

The site was highly effective for The Scout Association, their partners and most importantly – the leaders using it throughout the country. Featuring an eye-catching and ever-changing leadership table, the site was commended throughout the competition for its design and usability.

The support we received from Tann Westlake was integral to the success of this competition; reports were swiftly raised when required, and likewise any tweaks or adjustments to the system were implemented with great speed and competence. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tann Westlake for both ease, value for money and quality of product. It made running a nationwide competition incredibly easy and we will use them again.

The Scout Association