So how do you really find out your ROI when it comes to social media marketing?!

The truthful answer is that there is no easy answer or a one stop platform to help you! However don’t fear there is help out there! We have searched the net for the best places that you can find metrics and a wealth of information about your brand across social media marketing platforms starting this month with twitter! Here are Tann Westlake top twitter metric sites!

how-sociable-twitter-metrics-tannwestlake-marketingHow Sociable

Out of all the social media marketing analytic websites out there we probably found this the least useful. It gives you a score for each social media platform based on one username – this was a problem for companies with two or more words in their name for example Tann Westlake. As on twitter due to the restrictions the name has no space – TannWestlake – Sociable does not make this connection so you need to make two searches – one for TannWestlake and one for Tann Westlake. Also the metrics you do receive don’t really tend to mean much! They are scored from 0 – 10 on how active your brand is, however we found that even global brands like MacDonalds and Coca cola were struggling to get past 5! To get any more metrics you need to pay $19 a month for even the basic package – reaching to $199 a month for 100 different brand names.

Twitalyzer –

Not the prettiest of sites but it seems they have spent more time developing the content than a nice website, so bear with the bad design! Twitalyzer gives a range of social media marketing metrics (some interesting and some not) on your twitter account and most of the ones you want are free. It includes (for free):

  • Social Relationships – who you interact with the most
  • Topics and Communities – which topics you are most influential about and which communities (# hashtags) you have participated in
  • Activity and Trend – shown via a graph with the following headers:
    • Impact
    • Influence
    • Engagement
    • Followers
    • Following
    • Metrics page – this is probably the most interesting tool as it gives you a page of metrics and how you scored against each variable. They have a handy ‘Question Mark (?) tool if you are unsure what a particular variable is measuring. It also includes what percentile your account is in compared to others. Over 50% is the target or over 65% if you have been working hard on your social media marketing. It also includes your Klout and Peerindex score to save time visiting these sites.
    • Find followers – there is also a search you can run based on keywords to find relevant followers and gives you a direct link to their twitter page so you can add them there and then. Their Twitalyzer score is also available for you to see.

For more analytics and to export data you need to join as a paying member for $4.99 a month/£3.50 approximately (up to $99.00/£65 depending on usage)


This is our favourite out of all the free social media marketing metric sites! You just enter you username and in about 5 seconds you have your analytics. You get a grade out of 100 for you activity and a rank out of the other people on there (about 10 million!) The ‘how it works’ tool explains – probably in a little too much details –  how their algorithms work for the rating but it is pretty easy to follow.



This one definitely wins the title of best name in Social Media Marketing! Here we have a site for searching key words to monitor followers, mentions, competitors etc. It also allows you to compare twitter users, which is a great tool for pitting yourself against your competitors. It gives you instant graphs and data so you can gauge the differences quickly with no need to crunch numbers. You can compare up to three twitter usernames at once. Perfect for Social Media Marketing!

It also allows you to run an analysis on followers (yours and everyone else’s). This does take some time so often reports are saved for when you return to the site. A great tool to keep you up to date with not only your twitter account but your competitors and followers.


Allows you to instantly see how many people you follow who do not follow you back! We were actually shocked at the number! I mean who wouldn’t want to follow us (@TannWestlake)!?

To really get to grips on the data they do allow exporting and reports but guess what you have got to pay! ($9.99 a month/aprox £6.50). It’s worth it though as it’s a great service with a smooth user experience.

We Follow

We Follow lets you run searches on topics for example if you sell shoes – using the keywords ‘shoes’ will bring up the top most influential tweeters about the topic shoes and hopefully you will be at the top! Very quick and very easy to use! Also good for a nosy about which celebrities are most influential – has the Social Media Marketing world really gone (Lady) GaGa!?


This is a simple search tool. You can search brand names, companies… anything your heart desires! Then it lets you know how many times it has been mentioned AND if the comments were positive or negative. A quick an easy way to test customer reaction, which is great for just after a big product launch or marketing push.

Wow that’s it! These are our top places to go for twitter metrics and information about just how well you and your brand is doing on twitter! We know that there is a lot to take in and after visiting the sites I’m sure you’ll find the ones that work best for you! Keep checking our blog as coming soon we will be adding the top facebook sites to get your social media marketing metrics!

Please let us know your feedback on the sites mentioned above so you can help other blog readers! Read more about Tann Westlake here or get in Contact us for FREE friendly advice on your Social Media Marketing.

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