Social influencer management

Building your brand through advocacy and the power of the influencer.

Influencers are just that – people with a large follower base who can influence others to buy into your brand and products.

The rise of the influencer is difficult to ignore and, managed correctly, can work wonders on your brand. They can help you build your followers through advocacy, launch competitions or be a brand ambassador for your products, increasing both awareness and sales.

But with so many influencers out there, across so many different platforms, offering different services it’s difficult to work out what approach or who will be the best pick for your brand. At Tann Westlake we can help you with every aspect of influencer marketing whether you are new to the game or have tried it before and want to go in a different direction.

Influencers can rocket your brand to new heights and we are here to help.

  • Source talent
  • Work out the best platform for your audience
  • Curate the deal and the costs
  • Generate creative content
  • Make an effective content plan
  • Work with you on your KPIs

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What does influencer management include?

  1. Influencer identification

    As your influencer management agency, we will identify influencers whose audience demographics and interests align with your target audience and fit the niche you want to reach. We’ll help you decide what size of influencer would be best for your campaign.

  2. Outreach and relationship building

    Once you have a list of influencers you want to work with, we will initiate contact with them, usually through direct messages, emails or via their agent. We’ll establish and nurture positive relationships with them to build trust and collaboration.

  3. Contract negotiation

    Before you can begin working with an influencer, you need to agree terms. We will negotiate the details of your collaboration, including deliverables, content use rights, exclusivity and compensation. We’ll then draft and finalise the legal contract.

  4. Campaign strategy

    In order for your partnership to deliver the results you require, you need to plan a campaign that aligns with your broader marketing and business objectives. We’ll help to understand how influencer marketing fits within your general marketing and social activity, and how to get the most from your investment.

  5. Content creation

    We will collaborate with influencers to create sponsored content, including social media posts, blogs, videos, or other formats. To ensure the content they produce is on-brand and will meet your campaign goals, we will provide your influencers with clear guidelines around brand messaging, style, and content expectations. We will also review and approve content before publishing.

  6. Content amplification

    To maximise reach and impact, we will coordinate the timing of posts, and use other marketing channels to amplify influencer-generated content. For example, they may share it on your own social media accounts.

  7. Monitoring and reporting

    To ensure your influencer campaign is working as planned, we will monitor its performance using analytics tools, tracked against your agreed key performance indicators (KPIs). We’ll provide influencers with feedback and make any adjustments needed.

  8. Community engagement

    Audience interaction is a vital part of influencer campaigns, so we will encourage your influencers to actively engage with their audience via comments, likes, and responses.

  9. Long-term relationship building

    If your campaign is successful, you may wish to build long-term relationships with your influencers. We will be able to explore opportunities for ongoing collaborations, or even for influencers to become a brand ambassador.

  10. Crisis management

    On occasions, issues may arise during an influencer collaboration. This can include negative feedback or controversies. We will respond promptly if this happens, in order to address any concerns and protect your brand’s reputation.

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