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We thrive on data, it makes us transparent and helps us continue to improve your campaigns.

Data is critical: as is enables you to make informed decisions, understand your audience, personalise experiences, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and ultimately improve your ROI. The insights we gain from delving into the data is invaluable and lets us both know if something is working and how well.

At Tann Westlake we perform regular reviews of your marketing and content to make sure it’s working and that you are getting the best possible return on your investment. Marketing is expensive and we understand that you need the results to justify the spend, so we have transparent reporting and live dashboards so you can see for yourself how your campaign is performing.

You will also benefit from your key account manager and our data insights team’s expertise throughout the campaign; we’ll catch up monthly and each campaign will finish with an end of campaign report that is digestible and easily shared to stakeholders.

  • Performance review
  • Organic content analysis
  • Paid campaigns performance
  • Audience review and sentiment analysis

What’s important to us?

As a collective, we are passionate, ambitious and we have fun. And each member of our team plays an essential role in creating award-winning work for our clients.

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What does our analytics and reporting include?

  1. Briefing

    Before starting, your account manager will help you discover your objectives and what you want to gain from your analytics. This will help strategise goal tracking throughout your website and other platforms (including social media), and define the data to be extracted and analysed.

  2. Research

    Our agency digital marketing team will start to track your website and other platforms using tools like Google Analytics to set goals, track conversions, and identify users down to demographics and interests. We can also analyse users’ behaviour around your site.

  3. Launch

    Once you are ready to begin, we will use Google Analytics to track your website’s performance, and set goals to test specific customer journeys. These will be expertly measured and analysed to better understand your data – and explore ways you can improve the ROI on your website. We’ll use other tools to track and analyse the performance of other platforms, such as social media.

  4. Measure

    Using tools like Google Analytics our agency team will identify the source, demographic and behaviour of your website users, and which of your pages may need optimising to reach your goals. We can recommend split testing and strategic tweaks to your website that will increase the conversion of your website such as simply changing the colour of your call-to-action button.

  5. To keep you abreast and in control of your website’s performance, we will present our measurements and findings in monthly reports.

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