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We have been delivering design-led, fully responsive and UX-friendly sites since 2002. Websites are the backbone of our agency.

Our in-house team of experienced WordPress and Shopify web developers will take your design and bring it to life with a creative, perfectly functioning and high-performing website that grows your online presence and delivers the commercial results you need.

We specialise in WordPress, Shopify and Magento websites (including multi-language), and are obsessive about speed, load time and quality scores.

Website development, despite the name, isn’t just a team of coders in a dark room. When we develop websites for you, we bring a wealth of experience to the table – from designers, UX experts and project managers to our highly skilled development team. A website is such an important marketing tool so we take the time to pull all our resources into a new web project to make sure we get it right first time.

We will work with you to develop a beautiful strategic design with clever coding to make sure your site not only looks good but is also easy to navigate for your customers.

How we work

  1. Briefing

    We begin your web development process by understanding your goals. What is the purpose of your site? What features does it need? Who will your users be? What kind of functionality does it require?

  2. Design

    Next, we will proceed to the design stage. This involves creating a wireframe which gives you a basic visual idea of the structure of your pages. We’ll look at UI and UX design, ensuring your interface and the user experience is as easy and accessible as possible, too. 

  3. Development

    Once you are ready, we will begin building your site. We’ll develop it using a user-friendly CMS system and code, based on the design and functional specifications. We’ll combine the client-side and server-side components to ensure you have a website that looks beautiful and works.

  4. Testing

    When your site is ready, we will test it to identify any bugs and fix them. We’ll check your website functions as it should, and check its speed and compatibility across different browsers and devices.

  5. Launch

    Once your website has passed the testing phase, we will make it publicly accessible – checking that it launches smoothly, and handling any issues that may arise. We’ll also configure your server environment for maximum performance.

  6. Ongoing support

    Your website will require ongoing maintenance to ensure it consistently offers your users the best experience. We will support you in addressing any issues, updating content, implementing new features and improving it over time as technology evolves and trends change.

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