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Most of us are guilty of pushing out content on an ad-hoc basis around a basic content plan – it can sometimes seem hard to nail down a strategy when the goal posts are constantly moving.

As a great engineer once said, ‘you need work to smarter, not harder’ and this is definitely true when it comes to content strategies. With so many channels through which to push content out (social media, website, blogs, vlogs, emails), it can be overwhelming keeping up with it all.

Our agency team will work with you not only on your objectives but first by looking into what is currently performing for your audience and identifying other channels that might do the same. We can then work on messaging and types of content. We’ll let you into a secret: you don’t have to push the same content out across all six of your social media accounts every time! Each one serves a different audience and a different purpose.

Working with us on your content strategy could revolutionise not only your content but you might find you now have more time in your day to watch the webinar you’ve missed for the third time!

Content strategy for a national brand and local hero.

For the  RSPCA Sussex West branch, we provided social media training, designed a full social media strategy, and a social media content plan.

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What will your content strategy include?

  1. Content goals

    The first step in planning a content strategy is identifying your objectives. What do you want your content to achieve? Do you want to grow your brand? Drive website traffic? Generate leads? Nurture your audience? We will help you identify the specific goals your content needs to work towards.

  2. Target audience

    In order to create content that appeals to them, we will need to gain a thorough understanding of your target audience – this includes their desires, needs, behaviours and challenges.

  3. Content audit

    Before creating new content, it is important to understand what you already have. We will undertake an assessment of your existing content and use this to identify any gaps, redundancies and opportunities for improvement.

  4. Content planning

    The next step is to develop a plan that outlines the types of content you need to create, the best distribution channels, and how frequently you need to create and distribute content. This will ensure that every piece of content works together to maximise impact and achieve your business goals.

  5. Content planning

    Now you have a content plan, we will help you create the content to populate it. This can include articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, social media posts and more. Your content will be developed in alignment with your strategy and brand messaging.

  6. Content distribution

    Once your content is created, it needs to reach the right people through strategic distribution and amplification across relevant channels. This can include social media channels, email campaigns, website publication and other distribution methods.

  7. SEO

    We will produce content with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. Using SEO best practices will increase the visibility of your content in search engine results, making it more discoverable by the right audience.

  8. Content management

    In order to achieve your goals, your content strategy requires careful management. This includes establishing guidelines and processes for creating, approving and updating content, and assigning responsibility for editorial calendars and consistency in messaging and branding.

  9. Performance measurement

    When you planned your content strategy you will have defined key performance indicators (KPIs) that are aligned with your overarching business goals to assess its success. These need to be measured over time to ensure your strategy is working. Common metrics that are measured include website traffic, engagement rates, conversion rates and social media analytics.

  10. Review and improve

    Your content strategy is dynamic and will evolve over time. As you review your metrics you may well identify opportunities for improvement. These should be implemented to ensure that your content is achieving your business goals.

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