Creative, commercial photography in West Sussex

Incredible imagery is where the real magic happens, and we will deliver just that. Magic!

Having high quality photos and images across your marketing is vital in getting your message and products across to your customers in a format they can easily digest. Whether it be product images in the studio or a full off-site shoot, we can help provide the expertise you need to capture THE shot.

Our TW photography experts have an eye for detail and a wealth of experience covering a range of industries and brands. From start to finish, we will take on everything – from the look and feel, the locations, backgrounds and lighting to the editing – we have you covered.

Whether it’s shots for your website, brochure or digital marketing, we understand the types of shots you need and how to get them. We’ll then work with you on the editing to ensure everything is consistent and on brand.

We don’t believe you should have to pick between shots so we don’t charge per image, instead we charge a transparent day rate meaning you get access to everything we take that day. We aim to have the edited shots back to you within two weeks of the shoot, which will be provided in a dropbox folder direct to your inbox. Magic!

What does the creation of photography involve?

  1. Briefing

    We will begin by understanding why you need photography and how it contributes to your overarching business and marketing goals. We’ll also ascertain what you want it for, for example, branding or creating content for a specific campaign.

  2. Budget

    An important part of the planning process is establishing your budget for the shoot. You’ll need to consider costs such as photographer, models (if needed), location, props, equipment, post-production and any other expenses.

  3. Audience

    In order to create photography that will achieve the desired outcome, we will consider the preferences and interests of your target audience. We’ll explore their demographics and preferences related to photography style, tone and content.

  4. Photography brief

    Armed with this information, we will develop a photography brief that outlines the key details of your shoot. The brief will include information about the purpose of the shoot, desired outcomes, target audience, creative direction and any specific elements or themes that should be captured.

  5. Photographer

    The next step is to choose a professional photographer whose style fits the brief.

    We have our own in-house expertise but if a specialist photographer is required, we will review portfolios, check references, and negotiate budget and availability.

  6. Preparation

    To prepare for a successful photographic shoot, we will scout locations, choose models and stylists, source props and obtain any required permits and releases. We’ll also compile a detailed shot list that outlines the specific images you want to capture during the shoot.

  7. Shoot

    We will manage all logistics of your photography shoot, ensuring that the photographer has everything they need on the day, and all required shots are successfully taken.

  8. Post-production

    Once the shoot is over, we will review the captured images with the photographer and choose the shots that best align with the creative brief. We will then oversee the post-production processes, including editing, retouching, and ensure the final images are delivered on schedule.

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