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Being reactive to comms sometimes just isn’t enough, having a well thought out media and communication strategy is critical to a business’ brand growth, and without one it’s hard to see through the wood for the trees. A solid strategy will enable you to understand who your audience is, what they want to hear from you, how frequently and via what platform. When you delve into these questions everything becomes much clearer and who doesn’t like clearer and easier!?

Our team can help you set out a digestible, focused strategy with built-in flexibility, as we all know that even the best laid plans can sometime come unstuck.

Working together we’ll define your objectives, understand your audience, craft key messages, choose the right communication channels, and create relevant and engaging content. Once we have created a strategy you are happy with, we can work on how we will measure success based on your KPIs and put in place analysis at key points in the strategy, as well as redefining and adapting the plan based on the ever-changing landscape.


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What does a communications and media strategy include?

  1. Strategic planning

    A successful communications and media strategy always starts with the right plan. We begin by understanding your objectives, target audience, and marketplace. We will then work with you to build a comprehensive communications and media strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.

  2. Multi-channel integration

    The media opportunities for companies today can feel overwhelming. From social media to out-of-home, there is a diverse choice of channels through which your messaging can be shared. We will identify the right platforms for your audience and messaging and come up with a strategy to integrate your campaigns across them.

  3. Content development

    The heart of every successful communications strategy is compelling content. You can have the best possible strategy in the world, but if your content is lacklustre, or messaging off-brand, you won’t achieve your objectives. Great content should appeal to your target audience, build your brand and be adapted for each channel.

  4. Data-led insights

    Devising a communications and media strategy is just the start. To ensure its ongoing success you need to monitor performance continually, measure against your KPIs and revise where needed.

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