Creative film, animation and video production

Enabling you to excite, intrigue and drive engagement.

Video is now the number one way people consume content, whether that’s a multi-million pound television advertising campaign or a six second YouTube short. Our attention spans are short and video form is the easiest content to digest.

Make the most of this medium and work with us to make your video content excite, intrigue and drive engagement.

Our agency designers, photographers and videographers are creative, passionate about what they do and understand a wide range of mediums. They will be able to work with you on the right medium for the job, which is on brand and delivers results.

We will work with you on your KPIs, making sure we hit and hopefully exceed benchmark results and create visually exciting content that you can be proud of.

  • Animated GIFs
  • Animation
  • Motion content for websites
  • Short form video for social media and digital advertising
  • Full adverts for TV or streaming services

What does the creation of film and motion graphics involve?

  1. Briefing

    We begin by understanding why you need film and motion graphics, in relation to your overall business and marketing goals. We’ll also find out the specifics of what is needed, including media, platforms, audience budget and key messaging.

  2. Film and motion graphics brief

    Next, we will prepare a brief that outlines the key details of your film and motion graphics deliverables. It will include information such as specific messaging, visual information, style inspiration, and media and platform specifics and technical requirements.

  3. Creation

    We then move to creating your film and motion graphics assets. These may be completed in-house if we have the expertise within our team, or we will outsource it to a trusted expert. We will oversee the complete, end-to-end process.

  4. Approval and revisions

    Once the initial draft of your film and motion graphics is ready, we will present it to you for review and feedback. If needed, we will make any revisions and adjustments required.

  5. File preparation and delivery

    Once your film and motion graphics are ready, we will prepare files for use. These can include print, web, or social media, and involve different file formats, resolutions and colour modes. These will then be delivered to you.

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