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Grow your business with a beautifully designed website that showcases your business and builds your brand.

It doesn’t matter how nice your website looks – if your customers can’t find what they are looking for easily they’ll find a competitor to use. Our designers are here to help you marry beautiful design with an amazing user experience, through UX testing and our knowledge of what works in the world of design and accessibility.

We want to create great user experiences that are functional, useable but also follow great design. Happy users come from minimising technical frustrations and maximising their journey on your site whether that’s increasing the time spent on page to read through your services or for a quicker and smoother checkout process.

Tann Westlake can deliver this by understanding what your goals are but also what your customers want. We do this by using the latest UX tools to see how your customers flow through your site, what they are looking for and where they are potentially getting stuck and ending their journey. From here we can develop a tailor-made plan that maximises your website’s effectiveness allowing both you and customers to ultimately get to what they want quicker and easier.

Your website is a key marketing and sales tool and working with us on your design and UX will maximise its potential and help hit those sales targets and KPIs.

University of Chichester

Google Ad impressions

Helping a progressive university combat the challenges of a global pandemic

After launching two new microsites for the University of Chichester, we delivered over 1,400,000 impressions from a Google Ads campaign

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How we work

  1. Research

    The first stage in UX and web design is always to understand your target audience, their behaviours, needs and pain points, and your business goals. We also analyse the UX of your competitors, to learn more about what works, and what doesn’t.

  2. Information architecture

    The next stage is to plan the structure of your website. How can your information best be organised so it is clear and logical? And how can you build navigation pathways that allow users to find the information they need quickly and easily?

  3. Wireframes

    Once this is completed we will start to visualise the skeletal framework of your website interface with basic layouts. We take into account the functionality of your site, defining the functional requirements and their placements.

  4. Testing

    To start the testing process we build interactive mockups of your site to simulate the user experience. They will then gather feedback from you and potential users. Your agency will test the usability of your site with real users, and make any improvements needed based on the results.

  5. Design

    Once we understand how your website needs to work, we’ll begin designing it from an aesthetic perspective. This involves ensuring that it adheres to your brand guidelines, and is visually appealing. Our UX and design team will work together to seamlessly integrate functionality with look and feel.

  6. Launch

    Once your website is ready, we will publish it, continually monitor for user feedback, track people’s behaviour on the site to check it is working and make any improvements required.

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