Ever since AT&T introduced the first web banner ads in 1994, they have grown in appeal, number and the role they play in online marketing. Today, most such ads reflect multimedia creativity, and work to attract new customers and improve your brand visibility.

If you are considering  rolling out your own website banners, it helps to know the basics about banner ads. What can online banner ads do for your business?

The answer is a lot. If you are a relatively new company then you probably want to expand your audience base, but if you are an established company or an MNC then you probably want to create a buzz around your latest product or service.

Well designed, effective banner ads work to create awareness and expand your target audience. However, banner ads are the most useful in drawing your customers to you, and for you.

How do these web banners work?

Banner ads can work in your favour by converting unsuspecting online surfers into potential customers. The goal of using such ads is to generate clicks. What this means is that the more engaging a web banner ad, the higher the chance that people will be interested in it and click on it.

This would then lead them back to your business website, where you then have the chance to capture their attention more fully and perhaps retain them as a customer.

Such online banners are then a cost effective way of drawing customers. Measuring the ROI of such banner ads is also easy. You can simply monitor the number of clicks converted, and the traffic generated, via easily available software such as Google Analytics and Adobe’s Omniture.

Where should you place your banners?

There are a number of things to consider before deciding this. The most important of these is the website traffic or the popularity of the website hosting your banner ad, as you will be using its already established audiance.

If your target audience is teenagers, then it would serve you well to place your ads on fashion, music or career websites.

It also helps if you get a reputed and experienced first tier Ad Network on board. These Ad networks such as Google’s AdSense, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Kanoodle’s BrightAds, among others, work through their own central servers where they have a huge pool of their own advertisers and publishers.

Naturally then, they enjoy a high quality and volume of traffic, ensuring that by tying up with them your banner ad gets maximum exposure.

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