Customer loyalty is a very important part of your business, one which can be managed with clever online marketing techniques. If you can manage to create a loyal following and sustain it, you can cement the long term success of your business. So, successful businesses treat loyal customers as one of their strongest assets. The 80-20 rule stands true here as well because 20 percent of customers give you 80 percent of business and this 20 percent is your loyal base.

The internet has opened up several online marketing channels that can be optimised to attract and retain customers. However, for a more complete and effective strategy, online and offline channels have to be implemented in tandem.

Pamper your Customers with Good Customer Service

Eighty percent of people who are convinced about the quality of your products return to your because you provide good customer service. The other twenty percent revisit because of incentives that you provide. Actions that count are timely responses, being responsive to complaints and taking both praise and criticism in your stride. Service should be aimed at making the customer feel important. Owing to the enormous choice available in the present market, customer service often becomes the biggest influencing factor that can not only convert, but also retain.

Online Marketing Should Include Incentives to Encourage Retention

Incentives are a great way of extending your appreciation to customers for being loyal to your business. In other words, online marketing incentives give people a reason to continue shopping with you, and therefore play a crucial role in customer retention marketing. You can give loyalty points convertible in to cash, offer bonuses when a customer spends a specified amount at your store or give out free goodies to regular buyers with purchases worth a certain amount. Anything that compels customers to shop only with your brand is good for your business. This is the kind of online marketing that will really boost your consumer base.

Incentives have double sided benefits – they help you retain customers and offer monetary gains to users. This is why online marketing is so crucial to the success of business in todays market.

Communicate and Keep in Touch

Proactive behaviour, when used as a part of an online marketing campaign, is the key to customer retention. This means that the initiative to keep in touch with customers has to come from your end. Email marketing, subscription newsletters, requesting feedbacks and SMS reminders about special offers, sales and discounts are good ways to ensure proactive communication. The intention behind this kind of marketing is to keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ memory. So, when they require a product, yours is the first brand that they think about.

Retaining Your Customer Base Has Numerous Benefits

When you can retain, you make your marketing strategies earn for you because you get more leads through word of mouth marketing and referrals. Over time, there is a good chance of reducing your marketing expenses. Also, you can always count on getting regular business from at least a certain percentage of loyal customers at all times. So, you know that your customer base can only expand above this percentage. Thirdly, you gain a competitive edge against your rivals and since loyal customers believe in your brand, it is easier to convince them to try out your other products.

According to online marketing gurus, retaining customers is ten times cheaper than trying to convince a new one. Loyal customers are invaluable. Hold on to them if you are looking at a bright future.