If you’re familiar with Facebook you probably share your status updates, photos, or links with your friends. Dependent on your goals, a promoted post will enable you to target a much greater audience for as little as just £4. Your Post will be promoted not only to your fans, but also to their friends.

So where to start with Facebook Promoted Posts? Simply go to your page and update your status. This is the post you will be promoting. If you’re using images we recommend you keep them simple, try and include ones that incorporate your service or product. Perhaps feature an image or video of someone using it, and don’t worry your page profile picture will feature in the post, so people will know the post is associated to your page.
Offers are always a great way to get attention. We recently ran a promoted post campaign for one of our clients who runs an online soccer coaching site, their promoted post enabled people to like and share the post to be in with a chance to win a pair of football boots. This was a great success gaining them over 400 new page likes.

Exclusive content gets people talking about your page and encourages them to share your posts with friends. If you have a shop perhaps feature on a new range or in-store event.

Questions are always a good way to gain some interaction, and it lets people know you’re interested in them and value their opinion. As an example, you could promote a question asking people to vote on a new product or service that you are offering them. Don’t be scared of negative comments, sometimes they can encourage debates and create talking points, although you do have the option of deleting anything that’s too obscure.

How to set up a Promoted Post

Once you’ve created your brilliant post you’ll see the option of promoting it under the ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ buttons. Click promote. You’ll then get a pop up box asking how many people you want your post to reach, obviously the lower the number the lower the cost. We would recommend selecting ‘People who like your page and their friends’ otherwise the post will only be promoted to your page likes. Once you’re happy with your selection promote your post. Your post will then be promoted within three days from when it was created. We’ve had some great feedback from the promoted posts we’ve featured, and think they’re a really cost effective way of making yourself heard.