Google are making further steps to encourage businesses to have a Google+ page by making it even easier to link your Google+ page to your website. I know what you are thinking, another social media platform to manage! But don’t worry you can reiterate content shared across other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter easily on Google+, it literally takes seconds and the benefits really are worth it.

What will I see differently?

Once you have linked your Google+ account with your website you will see a few changes to how your business appears when someone searches for it on Google. The SERP (search engine results page) will pull up the normal result you are currently seeing with your META description, site links etc but you will also appear very prominently on the right hand side of the page, see below.

linking google+ page to website

As you can see it pulls your logo, location, telephone number, opening hours etc, all valuable information and reassurance that your visitor has found the correct result. Further to this, the SERP usually displays how many followers you have on Google+, any reviews that people have left on your Google+ page and the latest Google+ page posts you have made, including images. This means that your recent content may appear in lots of relevant places across Google where it may not have before.

Make an impression

This obviously gives you great opportunity to make an impression on the person searching for you before they’ve even visited your website and it can reassure them that you are an established organisation who is actively sharing valuable content and engaging with their customers. It will also make it far easier for people to find you on Google+ and engage with you and increase the amount of followers you have.

Improve your rankings

Lastly and by no means least, being linked with Google+ and having numerous followers, valuable content, social shares and interactions will help immensely with your SEO. It is known that if someone searches for you on Google and you have linked your Google+ page with your website you will appear higher in the SERP than if they were searching on Bing or Yahoo. This is clearly another step by Google to encourage growth of the Google+ network.

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Click here to see Google’s official help page