You may have seen if you have logged into your WordPress Control Panel today (Administrators only) that there is a new update called WordPress 3.8 or “Parker” as it is affectionately known.

WordPress release updates quite regularly and more often than not they are updates that effect security or issues that you probably wouldn’t notice as an end user, so we don’t tend to make a big deal about them. However 3.8 Parker is a pretty big update visually, so we thought we would share with you exactly what those changes are so you can relax in the knowledge that nothing too serious has changed. It basically just looks a whole lot funkier with new fonts and you can now choose your own new colourway to match your mood!

All of the WordPress 3.8 Parker updates are listed here on the website with visuals and explanations for each new element, But in a snap shot these updates are as follows:

  • Modern new design
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Clean typography
  • Refined contrast
  • High definition at high speed
  • Admin colour schemes to match your personality
  • Refined theme management
  • Smoother widget experience

If you are a Tann Westlake customer you may see your control panel updated the next time we perform any administration on your CMS, however if you don’t want to wait and are keen to get some colour in your life, then drop us an email and we can update your WordPress website to 3.8 Parker straight away.