Facebook scheduled posts are a great way to plan ahead with your social media marketing. Many business owners struggle to find the time to post relevant content across social networking platforms and so don’t tend to bother, which is a real shame as they are really missing out on a golden opportunity to engage with current and potential customers at very little cost indeed.

I would recommend dedicating an allotted amount of time to create, plan and schedule engaging posts for the coming weeks meaning you don’t have to keep remembering to post and can go about managing your daily business. Even if you are good at posting regularly you may have a holiday coming up and are worried about a gap in your content.

By utilising ‘insights’ you can plan the posts for specific days and times when you know your audience is most engaged. Insights provide you with information about which previous posts were most engaging; this will help you to create new posts with maximum impact.

Until very recently it was not possible to edit and amend scheduled posts without deleting them and starting again. Much to my frustration I had to re-write and reschedule a large number of scheduled posts for a recent campaign. This wasted a large amount of my time that I could have been putting to good use elsewhere.

But now you can change them!

Simply go to ‘edit page’ then ‘activity log’ where you will find all of your scheduled posts for the coming weeks. Then hover your mouse over the edit pencil on the right hand side and you will see you can choose one of 4 options:

  1. Change time
  2. Edit…
  3. Publish now
  4. Delete post

Thank you Facebook for making my life that little bit easier!

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