AD extensions are a great way to enhance your ads and make them stand out from the competition. There are several different types and each are used to achieve different objectives. And they don’t cost any more to add on so give them a go you’ve got nothing to lose as you only pay when they are clicked!

A recent AdWords campaign for has proved to be extremely successful in driving traffic to their site. With new contracts increasing 200% during month 1 under Tann Westlake management and their average ad position achieving position 1. This screen shot really highlights the difference that site extensions can make when making ads stand out over the competition. All That Glistens ad occupies far more room and stands out more. It features call extensions, social extensions i.e. 120 followers on Google+, sitelinks extensions that promote other services; carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning and contact us. It is also linked to their Google Places page and shows location extensions.

AdWords extensions
Call extensions

You can feature a phone number next to your ad. This is especially useful for mobile where the searcher can simply tap the call button and get right through to you. For a smaller business it can emphasise the location of the business and relevancy to the searcher by having the area dial code. For example, if you are searching for an emergency locksmith it would make sense that you’d want one from your area because they will get to you in better time to unlock your door. You are therefore very likely to click the ad that has a local area code on it. You can also use a Google forwarding number so tracking conversions is possible.

Sitelinks Extensions

These appear underneath the ads. They are not guaranteed to appear and usually are only shown if you manage to occupy position 1, 2 or 3 because there is more room here for them to be displayed. These are used to either highlight other areas of your business or perhaps promote similar, related products or even different varieties. Often you will see sitelinks like Testimonials, Contact Us and Find Us. These are well and good but I prefer to use it to showcase other products or services to show the diversity of the business. You can add these in at campaign level or at ad group level if you wish to make them more relevant to each search query and ad group. You pay for these when they are clicked.

Social Extensions

I like these because they show how many followers you have on your Google+ page which when you have thousands can look pretty impressive! This extension will only show if you have at least 100 followers and make regular posts and engagements on your Google+ page. If you do not have a Google+ page get one! The importance of Google+ is growing and will affect the ranking of your website and ads more and more.

Location Extensions

These appear when you link up AdWords with your Google Places account. Indicating where you are located can be a real advantage for some, especially for local businesses. But there are those who perhaps wish to keep their location hidden, especially if it is an out of town location or home address that may put potential customers off. It is worth noting in this instance that you can purchase a ‘business address’.

Review Extensions

Nothing convinces someone to click more than the seal of approval from another buyer. Linking up ads with positive user reviews or even awards can really make you stand out over the competition. They have been known to increase CTR (click through rate) by up to 10% so they are well worth a try. Just ensure you have permission to use the review and you will need to post a link to it. See the rules surrounding reviews by clicking here.

Here at Tann Westlake we have tried and tested ad extensions and are well equipped to advise you on what will work best for your business. Call us today to find out how we can help drive more traffic to your website.