New Twitter users will be among the first to experience the latest features incorporated in Twitters most recent redesign. Existing accounts will be updated in the coming weeks. The new site see’s some significant changes in the design and functionality of Twitter.

See MSN cars to see how the new look profile will appear.


It is interesting to see how similarly this reflects Facebook’s current layout, one that is used and loved by billions across the globe.

So what layout changes are there?

  • Your name, Twitter handle, biography and images are now located to the left. Clearly visible below your profile picture. Even more reason that your biography should be given careful thought and consideration. You may wish to consider adding a link to your website or Facebook profile here.
  • Who to follow and trends is now found over on the far right.
  • You can follow on the top right as before.
  • The navigation on the top bar below the cover photo is clear and simple. You can locate tweets, photos/videos, following, followers and favourites along here.
  • The feed is central to the page and displays images in large size with their tweets.

The profile and cover photo are changing

The profile picture size has increased from 73 x 73 pixels to 400 x 400 pixels. And the new cover photo which occupies the complete stretch of the top fold was 520 x 260 and is changing to 1500 x 500 pixels. This really emphasizes the fact that Twitter are embracing images because people are far more engaged by images that just plain old text! The background image will also become obsolete.

Importantly for Tann Westlake customers this means that the profile pictures and banners will need redesigning. Call us for further information.

A better user experience with filtered tweets

The increase need to use different formats in your newsfeed is being met with the ability to filter what you see in your newsfeed. You can filter your feed by photos and videos or replies.

Pinned Tweets

For businesses this is a welcome addition. Similar to Facebook’s pinned post feature, you can now pin a tweet to the top of your page. This is extremely valuable in giving off the right message when anyone visits your page for the first time and can work hand in hand with your biography.

Where next?