Marketing, like any other industry, has changed dramatically in recent years. The days of relying on word of mouth to get a message across are long gone, so marketers have had to adapt to new ideas and concepts on a regular basis in order to succeed. While it’s always been about evolution rather than revolution, that evolution has become ever more rapid.

The way in which consumers absorb messages, information and data has changed. At one time, mass advertising in the broadcast and printed media was the only way to guarantee success, but marketers have had to become increasingly subtle and innovative to reach the people who matter most.

Content marketing isn’t a brand new concept, of course; it’s been with us for many years. The way we use it has changed significantly, however, and the most go-ahead organisations in the world are among those who use this process most effectively. If your company doesn’t have a coherent and engaging content marketing strategy, the chances are it will be less successful than it should be.

New methods, new potential

In previous years, messages were sent to consumers via advertising and marketing and, to put it simply, the consumer often then went out and bought the product. In general terms, this isn’t the case anymore. In order to gain and maintain loyalty from potential customers and end users, the slower drip-drip effect of content marketing is likely to be more successful.

Research shows that most consumers react to content marketing strategies more slowly than they ever did to straightforward direct advertising. This should not detract from the overall power of this strategy, because these consumers tend to remain exceptionally loyal over long periods of time.

Every commercial organisation, whether they are a multinational financial conglomerate or a stand-alone retail store in a relatively quiet town, should be embracing content marketing strategies in the 21st century. More and more new customers and end users are arriving in the marketplace via this process, so if your company isn’t involved there is a chance that your rivals are reaping the benefits.

In truth, it’s impossible to overestimate the power of this concept.

While the basic premise of content marketing is a means of communicating with your customers without directly selling to them, you are effectively sowing the seeds of a mutually profitable relationship.