Get ahead of competition and build a great online presence that keeps customers coming back to you time and time again. Here are our top 5 tips to get you noticed:

1. Going mobile!

On average up to 37% of a websites traffic is from mobile devices and this is expected to increase as the mobile phenomenon continues to take hold. BUT sadly if your website isn’t responsive you could be losing up 61% of those visitors because they can’t navigate through your website easily on their device. Optimise your website for mobiles, this will improve user experience and see leads and conversions increase. 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy on a mobile friendly website.

2. Google Adwords!

Did you know that 90% of people searching on Google click on the first 3 results that appear? Invest in getting your website seen in organic search and also consider using Google AdWords. This service allows you to pay to put an ad that appears either above or next to organic search, dramatically increasing web traffic and leads. We have seen a client’s leads treble as a result of an AdWords campaign!

3. Word up!

Carefully consider the wording of your website. A professional copywriter can help you to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. Carefully consider the copy in terms of layout, i.e. use of bold headings, text that is easy to read, bulleted lists for key points. Keep it short and punchy and don’t overwhelm your visitor with information, make it easy to digest. A good technique is to consider yourself as a customer, what would you like to see, have you got time to sit and read paragraph after paragraph, I think not! Also what tone of voice do you have? Corporate and formal or friendly and informal, be sure to keep it consistent.

4. Call to action

Don’t forget your call to action (CTA); what do you want you visitor to do? Make a purchase, call you, sign up to a newsletter? Whatever it is make it big and bold. Perhaps test different options to see what gets the best conversion rate. It is recommended that a CTA should be above the fold i.e. so that it can be seen without scrolling down.

5. All about the image

An image can speak a thousand words, source a professional photographer to really enhance your brand, or if budget doesn’t permit, source quality images from a site like Shutterstock. You can buy professional photographs for very little cost and they make all the difference in giving a good impression to your visitors.

If you need any help or advice on how to get the best from your website do contact us and we will be more than happy to help!