The business community has quickly latched on to the fact that targeted marketing campaigns consistently prove to be far more effective than random ‘scatter-gun’ initiatives. And thanks to Facebook, firms of all shapes and sizes can now reach out to potential customers who are already interested in specific goods and services.

Facebook Exchange ads appear on the right-hand side of the screen as well as in the newsfeed, and they are tailored to match the previous online activity of the individual user. If he or she has recently been searching for London hotels, for example, ads for everything from accommodation and entertainment to travel and restaurants can be placed.

For commercial organisations, the advantages are all too apparent. Facebook is a hugely popular platform for web users, and for many millions of people it’s a place to visit several times a day. Just as importantly to the business world, using Facebook is a cheaper alternative to the more traditional – and less effective – channels.

The customers are there, and we can help you find them

With the help of Tann Westlake, your company can achieve hugely impressive results via Facebook Exchange ads. Targeting highly specific and highly relevant user groups will give you an opportunity to showcase your goods and services to potential new consumers who are already interested in joining your customer base.

We can create ads which are expertly designed to your specifications and beautifully presented. Engaging, persuasive content, accompanied by eye-catching imagery, will get your message across in the right manner to the right people. And we offer regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure continuing success.

Facebook users tend to engage with their timelines on several occasions throughout any given day, giving you a golden opportunity to showcase your goods and services. And with potential customers having already registered an interest, the chances of turning them into consumers are already far higher than you may have imagined.