Finding fresh and current content for your website isn’t easy. It can be really disheartening to write content that you think is totally awesome only to find that no-one is reading it!

Use these top 5 tips for inspiration on how to achieve a winning content strategy.

  1. Answer Questions

Whether it is questions about your product/service or the industry as a whole, helping people to understand its use and benefits is of extreme value. If you can set out clearly and simply frequently asked questions and answers it can help people understand what you have to offer and convert them into loyal paying customers. Colgate demonstrates this effectively with their Oral and Dental Care Resource Centre. You can find information on how to brush your teeth to signs and symptoms of gum disease.

  1. Debunk Myths or Misconceptions

Debunk any myths or misconceptions about your brand, product or service. Perhaps other competitor’s poor product performance has impacted negatively on your brand or incorrect assumptions have been made about your business, perhaps due to bad publicity or just simple misunderstanding. Use your content to put people right, what does your business do well? Why will it exceed their expectations? How can you ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes as your competitors?

  1. Unique Uses for your Product

What can people do with your product that they may not have thought of? Give them a tip sheet, recipe or idea. Brainstorm your ideas and write about them in an article that proves to your customers that you can go the extra mile to ensure they get the best value from what you are offering them. Cif do this really well. They have a simple cleaning guides section on their website that explains visually and clearly how to clean a range of household stains with their various products. They also go on to recommend ways to clean various surfaces like chrome, enamel and wood.

  1. What have you been up to?

Perhaps you have been to a trade fair? Hosted an event? Participated in a charity event? Won an award? Write about it! What did you like about it, what were the key takeaways, what was the gossip?!

  1. Statistics

We all love a good stat and the most compelling ones can go viral. Maybe gather recent and relevant statistics and create an infographic to display the information in a visual way. Or, if you can get away with a bit of humour in your industry, team the statistics with a comical image to emphasise the point and grab people’s attention!

These are just a few ideas and even if you operate in the most boring and tedious of industries there is always something to write about. I’d recommend injecting a bit of personality in with it to keep the reader interested. Check out another of my articles, which talks you through tips to consider when writing content in terms of structure and what to include. Enjoy!