Most users will scroll straight past your infographics if they deem them to be boring, regardless of how informative they are. You need to catch the audience’s eye immediately and arouse interest enough for them to stop and read more. Infographics can be used anywhere on a website and their possibilities are endless, whether its on your landing page or blog. Follow these simple steps to increase the success of your infographics:

  1. Remember less is more

We are all busy and time poor and many of us wouldn’t want to read a page heavily laden with text and neither would most readers. Keep the text short and sweet whilst still providing enough key information to be of value.

Visual images are processed almost 60,000 times faster than text in the brain, so leave plenty of room for the graphic. A good infographic will clearly portray information in a neat and tidy format.

  1. Keep the purpose of the graphic in mind

Whether You’re trying to attract customers or just give value to existing customers, you need to know the purpose. If you’re Trying to attract customers it would be pointless to show them an infographic that tells them nothing about what they are buying and its benefits.

Keep in mind a purpose for the infographic, why are you designing it? Who is it for? Correct research and planning can pull in far more customers than you would think.

  1. Avoid using Infographics with large file sizes

You may only have about 10 Seconds to make a first impression and you wouldn’t want your audience waiting for those ten seconds. Don’t have a graphic with large file sizes on your landing page as the key feature. Leave those to other parts of your website where loading times don’t matter as much. Also keep in mind the cumulative file size of all the graphics on one page; excessive page weight can result in slow loading times, which in turn results in lost customers.

  1. Keep to your colour scheme

Don’t use overly bright and obnoxious images and keep them on brand. You want your graphics to be eye catching but not to deter potential customers due to a very bright colour display. You don’t want to drive your customers away. Remember: not too bright and not too dark.

  1. Use Infographics to guide the viewers focus

Graphics are a great tool when used correctly and can guide your viewers straight to the palm of your hand. After you have grabbed their attention, focus it in a specific way, either to a product or more information that will get them hooked up in no time. Have something to back up the graphic after it has their attention, be it another more informative graphic or text.

There are many ways to spice up graphics and these are just a few. You can always experiment with your own to find out what works and what doesn’t. Just be sure to keep its use, purpose and audience in mind.