Recently we have been trialling a revolutionary online product from Lead Forensics which allows you to see exactly who is visiting your website, when they visit, what pages they view and at what point they decide to leave. What if you could intercept them at this crucial point and contact them directly? Sound too good to be true? Well actually it’s not!

This product is simply a snippet of code that is placed on your website which tracks IP addresses and gathers information about your visitors through an online database.

Simply log into the dashboard where you’ll find all sorts of priceless information about your website’s visitors such as business name, location, telephone number, website, source and even details like the number of employees.

This is a huge opportunity to engage with people who are motivated buyers like never before!

Take Google AdWords for instance, many businesses pay to place an advert in Google search results. People click onto their website and browse, a small percentage of these convert into sales or leads but many will click off and you never know who they are or have any way of contacting them until now.

This is where this product is worth its weight in gold. For a small monthly fee, you can now see who these visitors are and then follow them up with either an email or telephone call, turning a motivated buyer into an actual positive lead.

In the first day we generated 2 great leads that then turned into quotes, just by simply following up a visit with a quick phone call. Although initially surprised that we could see they’ve been on our website we openly explained that we use a snippet of code on our website that allows us to operate our marketing efforts more effectively. In my opinion this shows use of initiative and in our line business demonstrates our ability as digital marketers! It demonstrates that you care about their business and are proactive as an organisation.

As with any product there are limitations. For example this only works for B2B and would not track consumers browsing at home or on mobiles so would be no good for businesses operating in the B2C sector. Also if you are following up with a particularly large organisation it can be tricky tracking down the person who was actually on your website. If you are a small business having the time and resources to follow these lead up may pose difficulties also and should be given serious consideration before you sign up.

What people say?

“Lead Forensics has impacted our sales by 50%”

“Lead Forensics has been vital in strengthening our sales funnel”

“The fact that we generated 900% ROI is unbelievable!”

“Within a week of having Lead Forensics we had generated a significant prospect”

This is a truly awesome bit of kit and if you would like a piece of the action call us today and we can hook you up with our Lead Forensics representative who can give you a no obligation live online demonstration – you will be amazed.