Fresh out of college, I had my whole career ahead of me. However, I wasn’t sure where to start.

My college had helped me to think about the possibilities of going to university but I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it. I had a couple of “career meetings” about the future and my options but nothing was looking hopeful. Lucky for me I had a very helpful college business advisor who recommended I do an apprenticeship. She sent my CV out to a number of agencies but sadly after being shortlisted for a couple of roles, I was unsuccessful.

Just as I was about to think that my future would be staying at my part time job – Tann Westlake called. They explained that they were design and digital marketing company and wanted to interview me for a role as a digital marketing assistant. I’d gone from coming out of college and not knowing where to start to having an interview as a digital marketing apprentice! Feeling nervous, I attended my first interview, which went really well. After being invited to a second interview I was offered the position.

Apprenticeships are great for those people who have finished college and need something to make them stand out and shine on their CV, because lets be honest experience counts for everything these days. As part of my apprenticeship I will attend college to gain the skills I need to pursue a career in digital marketing. So I am very thankful that Tann Westlake took a chance on me because my apprenticeship is going to help me with my future career and success.

Benefits of an apprentiship

  • Gain a basic level of skills in your chosen industry.
  • Some apprenticeships send you to college one day a week so you can gain a qualification.
  • Knowledge in a working environment.
  • Gives the chance for young people to get a decent job and to plan a future.

Benefits to the employer

  • They can fill any skills gaps in your workforce, often introducing new techniques and technology to increase productivity.
  • If the apprentice has never worked in the industry before you can mould their mind to how you want them to work.
  • Introducing young, enthusiastic apprentices into the company can have a positive effect on the business, encouraging a culture of learning.