It was that time of year again! The tree was up, the Christmas jumpers were out and the crazy shoppers had started. Which meant it was time to start thinking about a Christmas campaign for L.Guess Jewellers.

The Brief

Before we began coming up with the initial ideas for L.Guess’ Christmas campaign we had to research what campaigns they had previously done. The last campaign was very glamorous and issued offers for customers to use in store, we decided this campaign should be the same. It was only then when I saw a beautiful clear bauble filled with gorgeous iridescent filler the idea hit me!

The Idea

The idea was based on any customer from the local Rustington and Worthing area, coming into the L.Guess stores and paying a small fee of £5, to take a bauble off their Christmas tree. This £5 would be donated to the charities Stone pillow and Carat animal charity.


Each bauble was transparent, easy to open and filled with iridescent gift bag filler so consumers couldn’t see the rolled up voucher hidden inside. Some of the prizes included were a Chamilia necklet (worth £110); Sekonda Nightfall watch (worth £80) and many more fabulous prizes. Not all vouchers were for specific brands some gave the customers £20, £10 or £5 off any product in store.

The campaign was a huge success and L.Guess raised a grand total of £2,412! On the first day they had already sold 36 baubles and made a total of £180. The Deck the Halls campaign achieved brand awareness for L.Guess and an increase in footfall. It also made a huge difference for the chosen charities who work so hard to raise much needed funds to their cause.

L.Guess have been so delighted with the results that they have pledged to run the campaign next Christmas too!