Up until recently, here in the UK if you were running a promoted Tweets campaign you will have only been able to target your campaigns on a national level. But this has recently changed thanks to Twitter rolling out new geo-targeting options.

Why use Geo targeting for your promoted tweets?

I have been extremely frustrated when I can target details such as interests, behaviours, Twitter handles, gender and so on not to be more specific with reaching my exact audience geographically. This meant that for many of our customers Twitter advertising was just simply too scattergun to warrant allocating any budget to.

For example, a local hair salon wanted to promote a tweet to female 18-30 year olds with specific interests in health and beauty. This tweet would promote an offer: 50% off your first haircut. However, because the tweet would have appeared on a national level it simply wasn’t an effective use of their marketing budget. At that time Facebook would have been more suitable due to its comprehensive geo targeting capabilities.

“You can now Target Tweets to exactly where your customers are located by use of post codes or specific regions such as the South East, London and so on. Local businesses will now be able to ensure that those seeing their tweets are indeed potential customers.”

Benefits to local businesses

  • Tailor tweets to regional audiences
  • Segment and test tweets in various areas
  • Refine your targeting
  • Achieve a better ROI
  • Save money

Local businesses are not the only beneficiaries of this new targeting. Consumers will also see an increased relevance in their newsfeeds so all round this new feature is a winner.