Social media has completely changed the way people communicate. This includes how businesses use social media to interact with their customers.

Social media is said to have been one of the greatest developments in the first decade and a half of this century. Social media has indefinitely changed the way people communicate, and also how businesses interact with consumers and the public. It has changed the way businesses handle public and consumer relations and the promotion of brand identity. Social media has enabled two-way communication between businesses and customers by allowing the customer to question or respond. How businesses use social media has created a variety of problems and has brought brand reputation and customer service to the forefront of their considerations.

What works with social media and what doesn’t?

It has been said that when it comes to social media marketing, companies should understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That being said, every post, upload and reply on social media must be personalised and unique. By doing so the target audience can take advantage of the platforms and the business can optimise on free marketing.

On the contrary, companies can ruin their reputation through bombarding their followers with promotions, branding, discounts and coupons. Social media should typically act as a means of communication between businesses and customers, which humanises companies and allows them to stay connected. Social media platforms enhance the power and influence of consumers, and the voice of recommendation can travel a long way. Multiple perspectives, opinions, and viewpoint can either align corporate identities, or destroy them. With this, small issues can become very important and even more so, how companies respond reflects directly on the brand image. Small acts of goodwill can be seen as more valuable to people than large campaigns and customers will typically share experiences through social media and again give businesses a personal touch. How businesses use social media is incredibly important in such a digital age, and should be considered highly important by brands.