5 of The Best LGBT Campaigns

In celebration of one of the biggest Pride events happening tomorrow in our local town of Brighton, we thought we would compile a list of our favourite five LGBT campaigns from the last year.

We love the Android and Google #andproud campaign, an online LGBT campaign using mobile and web to create an experience like no other, an online parade march for people who couldn’t attend a real pride event. People were encouraged to ‘Androidify’ themselves complete with pride accessories, using their mantra ‘Be together, no the same’. Their androids were then showcased at NYC, London and San Francisco Pride events and featured on Google’s floats as well. Check out the video below!



The second is Tiffany’s static ad, supporting homosexuality as part of their ‘Will You?’ campaign, it features a series of couples, but more importantly, this gay couple. Tiffany is an elegant and classic brand, with traditional morals and beliefs, and for such a high-brow company to join in the fight for marriage equality in the US shocked a lot of people, but in a very good way.


Our third pick is YouTube’s #proudtolove video, full of video clips from YouTubers, celebrities and viewers alike, coming out to fans, family and friends, in an emotional compilation of real stories about real people. Towards the end of the clip, it features snippets from the fight many have faced towards marriage equality and the response from the public when the bill was passed. We consider this LGBT campaign emotive and moving, in an inspirational way!



The fourth on our list is the ANZ Bank’s ‘GAYTMS’, a concept introduced by ANZ at Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2014, and was again introduced in New Zealand in February. It’s a campaign on behalf of the bank, to show their support for the parade. They are also using their GAYTMs to help donate to a non-profit organisation in order to help the LGBT community, with non-ANZ bankers being charged a fee for drawing out money and ANZ giving that money to the organisations.



The fifth and final on our list is this heartwarming advert from Hallmark, as part of their campaign that pushes people to go beyond just saying ‘I love you’ to express their feelings. It features a lesbian couple who beautifully word what their partner means to them, as well as breaking the conventional boundaries of Valentine’s Day advertising, it shows just how important their equality rights are.


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