banner advertising

Banner advertising has grown in popularity since its launch over 20 years ago. Why? Because for the advertiser it is a cost effective way to generate valuable traffic to their website as well as brand awareness, and for the website owner it is a way to generate an additional revenue stream from their website.

A web banner, also known as a banner ad, is a form of advertising on the web. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page that is delivered by an ad server. Here at Tann Westlake we use the Google Display Network (GDN) to strategically place banners on relevant websites.

How do I target my banner ads?

Keywords – this targeting method uses a list of relevant keywords to establish whether web content being viewed is relevant to your campaign and if it is your adverts will be displayed.

Topics – you can choose topics such as travel, education or fitness and Google will show your banner ads on groups of quality sites related to that topic.

Interests – similar to topics you can choose from a range of categories such as those mentioned above. Individuals can select through the Ad Preferences Manager which categories they are interested in, making it easy to reach people who are most likely to buy.

Placements – this allows you to exercise more control over your banner advertising because you can manually select the website that you wish your adverts to appear on.

Remarketing – show adverts to people who have previously been to your site and showed an interest e.g. target cart abandoners and help to close the sale.

There are also geographic, language and demographic targeting options available too so you can be as sophisticated as you like with your banner advertising.

How much does banner advertising cost?

After initial set up fees banner advertising is relatively cheap and highly measurable, so if it is not working you can simply adjust your targeting method or reconsider your ad copy and design and persevere.

If you have advertised in newspapers and magazines you will know that it is extremely difficult to calculate your ROI but with banner advertising it is easy putting you in complete control of your budget.