Vlogger, Casey Neistat has recently released the Beme app for all to enjoy via the App Store. However, its access has proven itself as very difficult, and a little disheartening.

The Beme app is an unfiltered raw social media platform aimed to portray real life insights and not airbrushed filtered constructed lives. The idea behind the innovative app is to kill selfies and self-conscious sharing by allowing Beme users to communicate with one-view only videos that are recorded by using the proximity sensor on the iPhone. Following this Beme automatically records and uploads a four second video, without your previewing or editing to your contacts on Beme. The new Beme app wants to engineer authenticity and challenge the false identities we have created through Instagram filters, Facebook tag requests and constructed tweets. Casey Neistat believes that credibility is in short supply online and that the Beme app engineers just that.

He claims that Beme removes the smartphone from its traditional location between you and the real world and allows a more authentic experience. Some features of the app reflect those created by Snapchat, such as users must click and hold on a video to watch it, and afterwards it disappears forever. However, the user who views the video can also give feedback by tapping the screen during the video to send an unedited selfie from their front-facing camera (which isn’t always flattering).

Currently, the only method of access to the Beme app is if you have an unlock code. Neistat has been incredibly clever by introducing the code-only feature, as it’s created a hype around the Beme app from people tweeting for codes, writing on forums and blogging about it. If anything, this is marketing magic. I have been trying to get a code for two hours, and i’m still unsuccessful. If anything, for me, it has made me lose interest. I have unsuccessfully tweeted about wanting a Beme code, and some people are even beginning to charge $5 per.code.

Below is the official Beme video: