Readymag was launched in 2012 with the mantra that ‘everyone can be a publisher’, it’s the tool for creatives and designers to publish and showcase their work online. Readymag is the perfect place to make projects and online magazines, it is used widely for many different reasons.

The impressive design website offers its users five creative features, these are: microsites, magazines, photo stories, portfolios or presentations.

Microsites are predominantly used by artists, agencies and musicians as it’s a great way to present a portfolio that isn’t over-complicated. Have a look at a couple of our favourites here:

The magazine feature is used by a variety of professionals such as, artist, businesses and musicians. It also helps magazines reach a global audience, for example the Family Business Magazine, from Australia, use Readymag and can now target businesses all over the world. Here are our pick of the bunch:

Photo Stories is another unique feature of Readymag, it’s predominantly used by professional photographers, or enthusiasts. They can use this tool to collect images together, form a story of a trip, a particular photo shoot, or an event. It’s a new, fresh way of showing images in a simple way. These are our favourite few:

Portfolios is an excellent tool that give designers, developers, photographers and artists the chance to showcase their work. An online portfolio is vital in such professions, it helps artists promote themselves and their work in a creative way. These are just a few of the many artists that use Readymag:

The last tool Readymag offers is the presentation feature. It can be used for work, school or just for fun. It can create an engaging presentation that is interactive, with images, videos and information to improve the user’s experience. There are presentations on a multitude of subjects and here are some that interested us: