It’s very difficult to predict how much audience engagement you can get on a social media post, unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball to see into the future, but we do have social media analytics. These tools can quickly help determine the best time of day and best time of week for when you should post on different networks, as well as insight into which type of content gets the most engagement. Here is a quick and easy breakdown of how to use social media to your advantage, statistics gathered from the sources at bottom of the article:

Facebook –

People are more likely to react to videos, images and links to articles, the best time to post is at midday on the weekend. But the audience don’t like too much content, meaning don’t overshare, on average they like 1 post per two days, although it does depend on the nature of the business and target audience.

Twitter –

Engagement is at it’s highest on tweets with images attached with a response of 150% engagement of people clicking on the tweet. The best time to tweet is typically midday or after 6pm on Wednesdays and the weekends, and tweeters are more prone to engage with a company that tweet 1-4 times an hour at peak times.

LinkedIn –

The audience like interesting articles and news, at midday or between 5-6pm from Tuesday to Thursday. Engagement is much higher on mobile devices, so making website mobile friendly helps encourage more people to engage with the content.

Pinterest –

The best time to post on Pinterest is Saturday mornings, when people are more likely to engage with posts. 55% of Pinterest users engage with brands on Pinterest. The worst time to post is during normal work hours as this network is used predominantly in the early morning and evenings.

Tumblr –

Users are more engaged on Friday evenings after 7pm, this is where they receive the most clicks in a 24 hour period. Peak times are from Sunday-Tuesday between 7-10pm, the worst time to post is before 4pm. On average users spend 14 minutes on per visit.

Google + –

The best time to post is between 9-10am, and peak time is Wednesday at 9am, the worst time to post is early morning or evenings. They have the fastest growing demographic of 45-54 year olds.

Social media is an important extension of your business, regardless of the network or action you’re doing, it is important to know where your audience are and when is the best time to target them.


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