With users changing their online shopping habits regularly, you need to know what to do in order to keep up with their behaviour. The constant shift between if they like certain aspects of an e-commerce site, or more specifically what they don’t like. Here is just a few things you can do to improve your site’s usability, attractiveness and user experience.

  1. Cleanliness is everything, a clean appearance on your site is sure to encourage users to browse through products and see what you have on offer. Make easy to navigate buttons and search bars, as well as detailed menus so they can quickly find product categories.
  2. Free delivery is vital, whether you offer it on a specific amount being spent, for all orders, or on special occasions. Consumers love free things, and free delivery can mean the difference between them buying your product or leaving it in their shopping cart.
  3. More offers can help make consumers want to spend more money, with buy one get one free offers, special discount on seasonal items and so on. It only helps you to help your consumers save money and in turn gain more from your site.
  4. Any branded goods on your site should be displayed up front, well known names and companies can benefit your business in the long run. With people choosing a name they can trust, they always want a good deal so adding free delivery on an expensive item wouldn’t hurt.
  5. Mobile responsive e-commerce sites have been proven to have more sales than those without. More and more consumers buy through tablets and smartphones and it’s silly not to take advantage of this buying behaviour and make an easy-to-use version of your site for them.
  6. Connecting with social media on your site also encourages good brand awareness. For consumers to see what you’re posting elsewhere gives them an idea of the type of brand you are, brand personality is everything. It also showcases your customer service skills.
  7. SEO can be the difference between you or your competitor getting a consumer’s business. By improving your SEO you can determine that you will be higher than them on internet searches with a higher chance to attract more customers.

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