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The rise of ecommerce platforms has empowered shoppers. The increase in choice, ability to compare prices and alternatives means that shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy and demand a greater quality service from ecommerce stores. If you are to succeed in this increasingly competitive marketplace there are a number of things you simply need to get right.

Your online value proposition (OVP)

It goes without saying that if you want a successful online store the first thing you need are great products that people actually want to buy. Then you need to work out what makes you unique and ensure that your OVP portrays that. Your OVP is basically your online unique selling point. This could be your amazing customer service, your totally unique products or your super slick website that does cool stuff that no one else’s does!

Delivery policy

With the likes of Amazon committing themselves to same day delivery it brings growing pressure for others to deliver promptly, and customers increasingly begin to expect it. Think about it, if you were purchasing some new shoes and one site offered free next day delivery and the other offered the exact same shoes at the same price with 3-5 day free delivery, which would you choose? Be very transparent about your delivery policy, how much it costs and when they can expect to receive their goods – the sooner the better. This may well be part of your OVP so you may want to feature it prominently on your site.

Communication (make it personal)

Talk yo your customers. Follow up a purchase with a confirmation email, when you’ve dispatched their item let them know when they can expect to receive their goods, why not ask them for feedback? Transactional emails can be configured using a plugin on your site or you can use a third party software with pre coded and styleable templates such as Campaign Monitor. It‘s easy to do and helps to build a relationship with your customer, keeping them coming back.

Utilise abandon cart emails

Did you know that on average 67.4% of carts are abandoned? You can bring back and convert up to 30% of these by automating an abandoned cart email. This could make the difference between the success and failure of your online store.

Invest in mobile

Mobile shopping has boomed during 2015 and will only increase during 2016. Be very sure that your site operates seamlessly on mobiles and test it rigorously to make sure it is easy too, if it isn’t customers will go and find a site that is. Optimise your PPC for mobile too.

The metrics

This is what it all boils down to, the numbers, so you simply must utilise Google Analytics. Really I can’t emphasise this enough. Configure goal and event tracking, monitor who visits your site, where they come from and what they do on your site. Then figure out what is working and increase your budget in those areas.

Where do your customers hang out?

Spend time profiling your target market, get to know them and think like them. Where do they spend their time? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog sites, YouTube, Pinterest? Wherever it is you have to be there.