Twitter released a new feature on their site at the beginning of October called ‘Moments’. Moments is designed to show you the most interesting and ‘best’ stories that are happening on Twitter.

What does it do?

Moments has arrived at a critical time for Twitter, this is because Twitter has seen its stock price plunge and the failure of previous attempts to increase their usage to beyond 300 million users per month. Moments is going to hopefully be the holy grail for them. As you may or may not know, every day, Twitter members share hundreds of millions of tweets and a lot of these are things you can only do on Twitter, such as conversations with celebrities, world leaders, cultural memes, citizens reporting main news stories as they happen and many more. However, you can’t see these conversations or stories if you don’t follow these  people, and that’s what Twitter moments has put an end to. This new feature is similar to a Twitter magazine, having all the content in one place.

How to use Moments

When you go on Twitter, visit the new Moments tab and you can find the best of Twitter, regardless of who you follow. The lighting bolt icon will bring up a list of moments that are happening right now, and will continue to update throughout the day, showing stories as they develop. Once you’re done with that, you can then swipe to go through topics from the last couple of days, including entertainment, sport and more.

Engaging with Moment’s

When you click on a moment, you will be redirected to an introduction with a title and description, then, start swiping to fill your screen with stories occurring at that time, including photos, videos, vines and GIFs. A single tap will give you the full view of a certain tweet, which you can then favourite, retweet and more, a double tap will instantly favourite it. If you then look at the bottom of the screen, you will see a progress bar, showing how much more of the moment is left for you to go through. By swiping up and down, the moment will be dismissed and you will be redirected back to the guide. At the end of a moment, you can click the like or share button to tweet to your thoughts, sending it to your followers. If you are to click on ‘follow the moment’ all the updates will be automatically be put into your news feed. Lastly, you will be informed when a story has been updated since your last visit when you see a blue dot in the upper right hand side.