Why do people love free stuff? Pretty obvious, people love something for nothing, but if you are a business how do you turn this to your advantage?

From freshers scrambling for free pens, only to sit at the bottom of a drawer, to business professionals at waterloo station fighting for a free yoghurt, companies have to entice consumers into buying into their brand. A few great examples of this in action are:

The Bodycoach

I started following Joe after someone I was following posted one of his videos. I followed him on Instagram for months, watching his very fast paced, healthy, but most importantly free recipes. I constantly saw people’s testimonials regarding the recipes on social media alongside incredible body transformations, so I gave some of them a go and I was hooked.

I dislike exercise and I’m too busy most of the time and my health has suffered the consequences. So I decided to join in the fitness revolution, I had enough free information to entice me to find out more. You’re encouraged to sign up to a free guide where Joe gives you pointers on how to improve your diet, a great piece of marketing.

From this point I was encouraged to sign up where I would not only receive a wider range of recipes but also a tailored meal plan with exact measurements so I could achieve my goals.

When I joined up a year ago it was just Joe, in his flat, making free videos and publishing content via Facebook and Twitter turning over £1.3 million a year with £1.1 million net profit, he is now projected to turnover £12 million with £10 million net profit. To deal with the demand in popularity he has had to buy office space and hire up to 100 members of staff.

It’s not just social that has improved this year, his website has also had a revamp and is the hub for all knowledge. The FAQs are particularly popular for people not sure whether to sign up and I think it works brilliantly to get the results he wants.

The Body Coach

Fage Greek yoghurt and Lucy Bee coconut oil

Again keeping on the health theme, Fage, Lucy Bee and many other brands, have been pointing customers to their website where they offer free recipes to use with their brand. Where people are lacking in knowledge or time to know what to eat, these companies make it easy for people to navigate and get some inspiration for quick and healthy meals or smoothies adding value to their brand.



Laundry and dry cleaning is something a lot of people don’t do anymore. Gone are the days when people could pop into the dry cleaners before or after work, we tend to be working longer hours and the numbers of these services are decreasing. In London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Solihull a laundry service has focused on this and will collect and deliver your items to you for free via an app. To entice people to take up this service they offered the first one for free.

Dry cleaning is a luxury, but the fact it is made more accessible plus your first time is free, you are more likely to take up the offer long term. Due to its success Laundryapp now have investment to take their idea countrywide.