If you’re looking for creative and talented employees to join your workforce, a student can be ideal. Although they can be viewed ‘stereotypically’ as unreliable and costly, in some cases they can be the exact opposite.

Some may think that it’s a huge risk employing a student, although students have fresh, young minds with creative ideas who are linked within the social media world and understand the hardest generation to target due to many new interests and groups.

Don’t view a student as just a student

Instead of viewing a student as ‘just a student’, view them as men and women who may have an unfounded talent within the business world. For example, Steve Jobs, the founder of apple started his path towards the business world with an internship. You could believe that Steve Jobs would still have created Apple although he most likely wouldn’t have, thanks to the talented man Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs achieved the internship which set him up to become one of the most wealthy and successful people in the world.

Internships and apprentices

Students can apply for an internship or apprenticeship within your company, and it’s fair to say you probably shouldn’t employ them straight away. But you could definitely give them a chance to learn and start their career, and who knows they may develop into a star employee! You could review their CV to see where you can utilise their skills and look out for any projects that you currently have on that may use and develop these skills. Why not speak to their references and ask for a portfolio? When doing so, do not just look at what they have done but how they have done it, they could be talented in something they don’t even know they are good at and it’s your job ‘as well as theirs’ to discover their natural talent and furtherly improve it.

Have them in for a meeting or speak on the phone, listening out for self motivation, a great personality, potential and honesty. If you do choose to employ a student, the next step is to look out for how fast they learn and if they stay motivated over a period of time. You’ll quickly establish where their strengths are and where they can assist your organisation.

An advantage of employing students is that many are prepared to work for nothing or minimum wage. They are being paid with experience, which also shows loyalty and determination. However, you shouldn’t just see this as cheap labour for you and your company, you want the best for the student, you’re setting them up for life and giving them a chance. It is your responsibility to do your best for them.

Professional student projects

Recently, some talented students have created an amazing spec ad for Johnnie Walker. The haunting ad from Germany, filmed in Scotland, explored the concept in a highly memorable fashion. The story is that of two brothers walking to their childhood home along a fog filled craggy terrain. It’s narrated by a calm voice over, explaining their in depth experiences and close relationship. When they reach the farm house type structure, they sit and enjoy some Johnnie Walker. However the twist at the end is much unexpected, filling the audience with emotion and is a must watch!

A few more people that started with an internship

Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Conan O’Brien,Tom Hanks, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Ford, Brooke Shields, John Krasinki, Spike Lee, Betsey Johnson, Jodie Foster, Chloe Sevigny, Lauren Conrad, Anderson Cooper, Mindy Kaling, Sean Combs and many more.

So, don’t let your future employee of the month escape!