6 Reasons Why Your Website Should be Responsive

If you are wondering whether you should have a mobile responsive website or not, you will want to consider the following points…

  1. Everyone’s on mobile (including your customers and your competitors). Over 1.2 billion people access websites from their mobile
  2. Users may be on your website at different times and on different devices, therefore their user journey should be as consistent as possible *Not all information from a desktop website has to be on the mobile site, only the most important for ease of navigation and this will alleviate a lot of scrolling too
  3. It provides a better user experience, keeping your visitors on your site and helping to convert them into all-important customers
  4. You don’t need an app and a mobile responsive website. Your website, if responsive, is just as good as an app to give the user the information they need quickly and effectively
  5. Google rewards sites for being responsive – your site will rank higher on Google search than that of a non-responsive competitor site
  6. Over half of website traffic is now mobile, so it’s time to get your business in front of your customers

In a world where consumer media habits are continually evolving and changing, businesses need to adapt and keep up. This means putting yourself in front of your customer when they’re looking for you and currently, that’s on mobile.