Recently the rise of the GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) has become increasingly popular with social users across the world to assist in expressing a feeling or emotion when words just cant.

Yet another update

Due to be appearing in direct messages and tweet text boxes for iOS, Android, and Twitter’s website in the next few weeks, the new GIF library on Twitter has everyone like


The GIF button has already been adopted on Facebook and Tinder so Twitter was hot on the waiting list. After it’s battle with users over the platforms infamous 140 character limit change and algorithmic timeline, Twitter has added a few new updates to the app to try and gain back some of its users. This also includes the option to take and share videos directly from your direct messages. The GIF option hosted by Giphy and Riffsy, receives a warm welcome from the platform’s users as it’s been eagerly awaited.

Will this be enough?

So will this be enough to pull back its users and bring Twitter up to date with competitive networks like Facebook? CEO Jack Dorsey has been working hard to save Twitter from its 13% share drop in 2015. However users haven’t taken too keenly to him after his recent threats to make major changes to the timeline and character limit – will the unrivalled GIF pull it all back for him in 2016?

We love GIF’s and will be welcoming the change with open arms, after all there’s no better way to describe your feelings than with a dancing dog. What do you think, to GIF or not to GIF?